Как да направим...

Идеите, които ще намерите тук можете да направите и сами. Някои от тях са полезни, други са просто "за красота", но всички те са предимно за забавление.

събота, 6 август 2011 г.

A paper-bag clown

What to do with the paper bags from the bread we take from the bakery?

To get an answer of this question you will need:

the paper bag from your breakfast,
paints, crayons or in our case - soft pastels,
a pair of scissors

Fold back the bottom corners of the bag...

...and glue behind as shown bellow:

Cut two holes at the front for your fingers.

You can use a coin to mark the circle.

Paint a figure on the front of the bag:

You work the clown with your hand inside the bag. Your first finger sticks up into the top of the bag (just where the hat of the clown is) and your thumb and second finger poke through the holes to make the clown's arms.

The paper bags can be used for all kinds of different characters.

It is fun to make a puppet show.

After a week or two we should think about some ideas for stages and plays.

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