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Идеите, които ще намерите тук можете да направите и сами. Някои от тях са полезни, други са просто "за красота", но всички те са предимно за забавление.

събота, 22 октомври 2011 г.

Angels before X-mas

For the preparation of these angels found in an old Burda magazine you will need:

water colours,
coloured paper or cardboard,
tracing paper,

First we copy the angel on a tracing paper. Then using indigo paper we trace it on the coloured paper.

The clouds we cut from blue paper. The angels are from rose or yellow paper. If you don't have such "skin" tone cardboard just paint it after cutting.

Knot the thread from the top of the cloud in order to suspend it.
Then knot thread from the cloud to the hair of the angel.

Then make some triangles from yellow paper and glue them making a star from two triangles and leaving the thread between, so they can hang without making knots.

Here it is the result.

The angel has blue pijamas, blue eyes and blond hair.

You can hang the angel from your luster or at the window.

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