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Идеите, които ще намерите тук можете да направите и сами. Някои от тях са полезни, други са просто "за красота", но всички те са предимно за забавление.

петък, 7 декември 2012 г.

Xmas postcard made from ribbon

It is useful to collect bits of braid, ribbon, binding, tape and pretty coloured string. If you know a dressmaker she may give you some pieces, or just ask your granny.

There is no limit to the the things you can find to put in your Xmas collage.

For a postcard like ours you will need:

1) Coloured ribbon;
2) Scissors to cut the ribbon and the cardboard;
3) Paper glue;
4) Needle and thread;
5) Cardboard.

Cut the cardboard to the proper card size and fold it. Cut some pieces from the ribbon - the first one from 7cm to 9cm long, each subsequent - 1cm or 2cm shorter.

Stick the pieces to the card by gluing them the shorter after the longer in order to make the shape of a Xmas tree.

Don't forget to write a greeting on the card!

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